"It's not the hours you put in your work that count, it's the work you put in the hours." Sam Ewing

Brett Harvey

Brett Harvey is an award winning director and cinematographer hailing from Vancouver BC whose work has been broadcast and distributed across the planet. From feature documentaries to reality series and music videos, Brett's experience over the past 10 years has led him from the streets of Vietnam, to horseback riding in the jungles of Nicaragua, to Tundra buggies on the Arctic Tundra.


Brett's feature documentary directorial debut began with the world renowned "The Union: The Business Behind Getting High", a film that went on to win the National Film Board award for "Best Canadian Documentary". This was just one of the many awards the film won as it was selected to 33 International films festivals across North America, gained distribution around the world and became the highest ranked Canadian documentary by popular vote on IMDB.

Having directed, shot or written on a multitude of nationally broadcast and critically acclaimed projects, Brett is currently involved with the development of the highly anticipated feature documentaries "Ice Guardians" and "The Culture High". He is presently set to direct, write and perform the cinematography for both productions.