"It's not the hours you put in your work that count, it's the work you put in the hours." Sam Ewing

What we do...

BKS Crew Productions is an international award winning company involved in all aspects of film and video production. From directing and producing, to shooting and editing, from motion graphics to print design, BKS can help at any stage of a production.


Documentaries & Films

Involved in all areas of the documentary and film making process, we are responsible for a wide variety of productions that have been showcased and distributed across the planet.

Music Videos

Having recently entered the world of music video production, we have had a quick start, having seen all 4 of our first music videos head straight to national broadcast on Much Music.


Ranging from reality series to feature documentaries, we have vast experience in directing, cinematography, editing and producing on a wide variety of nationally broadcast television programs.


We have directed photography and camera operated around the world in extreme conditions for numerous high level broadcast productions.

Video Editing & Graphics

We have created motion graphics and special effects for various projects ranging from feature documentaries to top level corporate productions.


We are continually experimenting with new styles and trends. We have produced a wide variety of client design over the years, ranging from posters for concerts to DVD covers for feature films.